Monday, July 27, 2009

Orphans with Down Syndrome!

Since having a child with Down Syndrome, I have become aware of HOW MANY children are born every day all around the world with Down Syndrome and other birth defects and disabilities! Thankfully, we live in America, where Down Syndrome and other disabilities have become more accepted by our society. Around the world, most other countries are not as accepting, and as a result of that there are millions of orphans with disabilities that are living in orphanages not knowing the love of a family and many of them locked away in mental institutes at a very young age! Please consider helping one of these orphans by donating to their grant funds on ReecesRainbow, praying for them, or if you can bring them home!
Just look at those faces!!! Who couldn't love them!?!? All of these precious children in these pictures are listed for adoption on ReecesRainbow. Some of them have Down Syndrome (like my daughter), and some have other disabilities, but ALL need a family! I am particularly fond of the ones in these pictures and would love to bring them home if I could, but there is no way I could give them the attention they need right now. If you can, please ask me about them and I can point you to them!

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