Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oh the joy... feeding charts...

So, since Auriana has been having such a hard time eating lately, I have begun keeping a feeding chart again. I charted everything she ate and drank for almost a year before and she had been doing so well that I stopped. Now, thanks to her having surgery and being sick, she is having food aversions yet again and so the charting begins. This time she is not really wanting to eat anything with texture. Only apple sauce and drink. I have started adding meal replacement powder to everything she eats or drinks to keep her calories up! Please pray that her appetite improves... I would hate to have to put her back on a feeding tube.

Sunday, Grandaddy got her to eat a couple of chicken nuggets and she drank some goat milk.
Yesterday I made her a 70 calorie/ounce smoothie and she drank about 8 oz of it.
Today, no such luck thus far.

Auriana... EAT BABY....EAT!!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday Auriana!!

Today Auriana is 3 years old! This is almost the exact time of day that I first got to hold her 3 years ago. She was born at 4:37 in the morning, but immediately taken to the NICU... it wasn't until around noon that I was able to hold her for the first time. Since Auriana came into my life, a lot has changed, mostly for the better. She has brought so much joy into my family and so much happiness to her big sister. She has proved so many doctors wrong. I remember being told that she would probably never walk or talk, and yet she is talking and taking a few steps on her own.
Auriana's 3 years on this earth so far have not been without pain. She has gone through more than most of us will in a lifetime and all with a smile on her face most of the time. 11 days ago Auriana had her second major open heart surgery. She amazingly only stayed in the hospital for 4 days this time. She was in the hospital for 12 days with her first open heart surgery.
She amazes me every day with her determination to do what every one else is doing. She has to work so much harder to learn things, but when she is determined she will make sure she gets it in her own time her own way.
Happy 3rd birthday Auriana!!
God has given me such beautiful gifts and He continues to bless me daily!! For that, I am so very thankful!!