Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I became a special needs mom a year ago!

I am a "special needs" mommy...
something I never thought I'd be.
The true meaning of this, I never knew
until you came to me.
Your sweet little toes,
your little button nose,
and your amazingly beautiful smile.
The doctors told me you are a little different,
with a broken heart,
and an extra chromosome,
but all I see is perfection.
I think you are a lot like me though,
we like to go our own direction.
You do things your own way,
and at your own pace,
Some things may be a little slower,
but slow and steady will win the race.
You may not hear or eat just right,
But when I think of all you've accomplished,
I know you are very bright.
Appointment after appointment,
therapy after therapy,
I know you hate to go to them,
but I want you to be all you can be.
You stole my heart before I met you,
when the doctors told me you wouldn't survive,
I prayed and prayed to God that you would be born alive,
and I thank God he answered my prayers!
Now you have been with us a year,
and it's just so hard to imagine
what my life would be like without you here.
Your sister, Kylee, loves you so much
and I know you love her too.
It amazes me to watch you
try to do everything you see her do.
Now it is your first birthday,
a happy day it's true!
I can't wait to watch you grow more and see all you will do!
Happy 1st Birthday Auriana!!

Auriana Faith Reyes
Born September 17, 2008 at 4:37AM
Weight: 3lbs. 10oz.
Length: 16in.

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