Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July, I am ready for you to leave...

I am so ready for the month of July to be over! It has been in the high 90's and feeling like 110 degrees almost this whole month. On top of that, Michael has not been able to find a job and we are running out of money fast.
July has brought us nothing but trouble (with a few blessings attached).... our water main burst in our front yard and homeowners insurance wanted a $500 deductible to even send a plummer out. Since we didn't have $500, we went searching for neighbors that knew how to help, as gallon after gallon of water went pouring out in our front yard. We found a neighbor that helped us dig a whole and told us how to fix the pipe (blessing). We were able to fix the pipe and save about $450 dollars. Then, the storms a few days ago knocked down 2 trees in our yard. One tree took out our fence, and another fell right on my car! The car is going to be covered by insurance, thankfully. It will be a $100 deductible and they cover a rental car 80%, so we will have to pay about $10 a day for a rental car (the carseats don't fit in Michael's car). So... I am sick of heat and things breaking... Augist, please be a better month!

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