Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog name change and a few updates

I decided to change the blog name today for a number of reasons.
As many of you may know our "family" has changed a bit...
Michael and I have been going through a separation and divorce since December 2010. We can not see eye to eye on many things and we have had a lot of hard times over the last couple of years. Our divorce has been difficult, but I believe once the stress of the divorce process is over and we can all move forward we will all be in a much better place.
Another reason for the name change... I felt the title should say more about the children, since that is who it is about... and they are Life's Little Blessings!! They are both such a blessing to me in their own little ways.

Kylee Has recently graduated from Pre-K and will be going into Kindergarten next year!! Huge congrats to me big girl! She has made me so proud to be her mother! I always tell her she is so special because without her, I wouldn't be a mommy... she was my first little blessing and she is the one who made me a mom in the first place! I thank God every day for what a wonderful blessing she has been in my life!!

Auriana has come such a long way over the past few months, talking more and more every day, learning new signs every day, getting stronger and stronger and learning to use her walker more and trying to stand on her own. She will be starting aqua-therapy with her physical therapist soon and we are looking forward to what new doors for progress this can open up for her. She hopefully will start preschool in the fall at the same school as her big sister, which I hope will give her the ability to learn new things and progress even more while interacting with her peers. I am also so blessed to be her mother!! She made me a "special needs mommy" and introduced me to the wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful world of special needs.... but each day with her is a blessing!

Now that I have shared the good... I regret to share with you all the not so good... Auriana will need another open heart surgery soon! She has Aortic Stenosis. Muscle tissue has re-grown in her aorta near her atrium. This is the same tissue that was removed once before during her AV Canal repair. Dr. Kirschbom, our wonderful heart surgeon will be working with Dr. McConnell very closely to determine when the best time will be to do her surgery. They feel that at this time it is best to wait a few more months to see if it is going to grow any more before removing it. She is likely to need this same surgery done multiple times over the next few years if the tissue continues to re-grow. Please keep Auriana in your prayers that the doctors will plan it all just right and that this will be the last heart surgery she needs ever! I so hate that she has to have surgery again, but I do still have FAITH that God will be with her and protect her!! FAITH is her middle name, after all! Please also pray for Kylee during this time as well. She is having a hard time with a few things as well as she will likely have a hard time with her baby sister having to have another surgery! God hears our prayers and knows what we need... only He can control our path in this life!

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