Sunday, September 9, 2012


So, it is hard to believe that it has been a whole MONTH since Kylee and Auriana started their new school! Kylee is a first grader this year!! So proud of her!! And Auriana is in the special education pre-k class! She loves it! Auriana is the only student in her class so she is spoiled. She has been wearing her little hearing aids to school and is doing great with them. Kylee has been having a harder time adjusting. She is used to being is a small Christian school with 12 kids in her class and this school is a lot bigger and she has 24 kids in her class... a big change. I just keep praying that she will adjust and have a great year! Kylee will be starting Girl Scouts this week, so hopefully that will give her a sense of "belonging" in this school.


  1. I hope your girls enjoy a new week at School and i hope Kylee finds it easier to meet kids her age!