Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another year gone... goodbye 2012... a new start

As I sit and reflect on 2012 I think of how much has changed in just this year. Where we all are now. It may not look like we have gone anywhere over the year, but so much has changed. Just a few to mention...
In 2012....
January started out with a 1 month old, 3 year old who had just learned to walk, and 6 year old who was in kindergarten just learning to read.
Today, I have a 1 year old who is walking and talking, 4 year old who walks like a pro and is saying so many words I thought she never would, and 7 year old pro reader in 1st grade!! Now, that is pretty awesome!!

My 2 year long divorce process from Michael was finally completed and I am free from him, aside from the fact we share 2 children together. Kylee and Auri visit with their father every other weekend and some holidays. Every time they leave is so stressful and takes so much out of me, and them, although they are adjusting to this change much quicker than I am. It is just something we cannot control, but God is in control and we have to trust him.

Another big thing.... Chris and I are married!! The LAST DAY of 2012 we decided to get married and there was nothing standing in our way. Although many people didn't agree and didn't support our decision, we felt it was best and the kids and we are happy!! This seems so long ago, although it was only 3 days. The minute we were married, I felt like our lives just fell into place. Like this was the missing link and why everything has been so off balanced for so long.

Our goals this year are that we will all learn to be completely respectful to each other in our family and follow God's will entirely, that we will see to it that we have family time every day and include a daily devotional or Bible reading in this special time together, I aim to complete a CNA training program and become a CNA, Chris hope to find a better full time job with insurance benefits for our family, we will fix Lillian's name (soon and hopefully this is a simple task), we have a goal of being completely self-sufficient and having all our bills paid off by summer and hopefully moving into a place of our own this summer.....

this seems like a lot, but we can do it with the help of our all powerful Lord!!

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