Friday, November 19, 2010

Holidays on a budget...

As many of you know, this year my husband is unemployed and we are not going to have much money to spend on Christmas gifts, decorations, or Christmas cards. I recently found a post about shutterfly giving away free Christmas cards to bloggers. So, as a way to try to save my family some money, as well as be able to send out some really cute Christmas cards to my family and friends, I am blogging about, a site that allows you to upload photos and share them with all your friends and family in all kinds of ways. I know it is silly, but I am hoping that it actually works and that I will be able to send out some really cute holiday cards this year!! Last year I ordered cards from Wal-Mart, but Shutterfly's are so much better made and they have a lot more to choose from.
I also really LOVE the calenders that they offer on their site as well. I had one a couple years ago... I had it hanging up in my hospital room when I was pregnant with Auriana and it was great to be able to look up and see my family pictures on the calender as I kept track of how long I had been there and when Auriana was due.
Also, I ordered Michael's Father's Day present from this year... a photo book... which the girls LOVE looking at all the pictures of themselves and remembering all the fun they had at the beach this past April. So anyway... go check out all the cool things that has to offer!!

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