Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas, happy new year, and Auri stands!!

Merry Christmas!! The kids had a wonderful Christmas thanks to all the donations of gifts!!

It's now 2011 and BIG things are happening!!

Auriana is doing GREAT walking with her walker!

Today, I got the go-ahead from 2 doctors to STOP TUBE FEEDING!!!!! WOOHOO!! Their theory is that she does NOT need 3000 calories a day and is just genetically engineered to be small... they said no worries if she looses a little weight, but that her gaining 2 lbs in a month after starting back tube feeds proves that she does not need them because that is too much weight gain. Wish us luck! I will be keeping track of everything she eats for the next week or so, and I will be getting up an hour early (which should be no prob since I don't have to get up all night) to feed her a "formal" breakfast and add all her vitamins into her food. Now, PRAY SHE KEEPS EATING GOOD AND GAINING WEIGHT APPROPRIATELY!!

Also, she just recently started pushing herself up to stand, and she is doing great!!

Oh, and Kylee had the cutest Christmas program at her preschool! If you have not seen that video... watch it here

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