Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Welcome number 4!!!

On October 7 I went to the hospital for a biophysical profile due to baby being past her due date and my blood pressure being a little high. During the test, nurses noticed that her heart rate was dropping with every little contraction I had. So they admitted me overnight for monitoring. The next morning it was determined that it was best for baby if I had a csection due to her heart rate continuing to be affected during every contraction and she was showing signs of distress. So, as much as I wanted a natural birth, csection it was. It was much different than the emergency csection I'd had with Auri though, I walked to the OR, my midwife went with me and mixed me some essential oils to diffuse during surgery to help me stay calm. As soon as I walked into the OR, I started having flashbacks of the horror that came with Auri's birth. I was terrified I would feel the pain of being cut again. I was terrified her heart would stop like Auri's did. The staff, nurses, midwife, and the anesthesiologist were so great at keeping me calm and assuring me that it would be a better experience.
Tiny baby Abigail Grace entered the world at 9:11 am on 10/08/2014. She weighed 6lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long. The first thing I noticed was her head full of hair. She is beautiful and she brings back so many memories of each of the other girls when they were babies.

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