Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy day Auri!!!

This time 6 years ago, i was sitting in a NICU staring at my precious Auriana Faith wondering what would become of her. She was born premature, wirh a serious heart defect, had to be tube fed, and was just so tiny and fragile. I prayed ever second that i would be able to take my baby home. God answered those prayers!!
Auriana came home with us on October 2nd, 2008!!
Since then, she has grown, had several setbacks, but has overcome everything. I recall the day i took her home, the NICU physician looked at me and said "now, we are letting you take her home like this because you are so eager to take her home, but remember, this baby has lots of problems. She may never eat on her own, she may never walk or talk like your other daughter... Just don't expect too much. After all, you're lucky she is alive."
Yes, well, i trusted that God had another plan for my tiny little cabbage patch sized baby.
And He did!!
She is still tiny... At 6 years old now she is the size of a 2 year old. She weighs 22 pounds. Auri has had 3 open heart surgeries, numerous other procedures, and overcome many struggles.
But, she does eat (weaned her from the feeding tube at 29 months old), she walks and talks and smiles!! She is a happy little girl most days and has recently learned all her colors, recognizes some letters and numbers, and basic shapes!! She is doing wonderful in the home school program i have decided to use to teach her... She has already exceded what she knew last year.
Auri does attwnd regular speech, occupational,  and physical therapy. But she has surpassed the age of 5, which the NICU physician told me was not likely and she is THRIVING!!! She loves life!!!
This past Saturday we celebrated her 6th birthday with a few close friends and family. She had her Barney cake and she loved it!! She said all day long "its MY happy day!" "it's MY DAY!!" her birthday was actually last Wednesday, September 17, and every day since has been "her happy day". Her favorite things are Barney, signing time, mickey mouse, doc mcstuffins, and jake and the neverland pirates.
She loves her new barney doll she got for her birthday.
At her party, she sang all the words to "happy birthday"! Cutest thing ever!!
This is our season of birthdays around here.
My birthday is 3 days before Auri's and next we will soon be giving birth to a new addition who we have already named Abby, then Kylee turns 9 october 30 and then Lily turns 3 December 1!! A busy time of year around here!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!! I love my little girls and love watching them and seeing who they become...
So for now Happy sixth birthday to my precious Auri!!! God definitely knew what he was doing when he gave me you!!!

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