Friday, August 19, 2011

Auriana has open heart surgery September 2!!

Auriana will be having open heart surgery September 2!! Dr. Kirshbaum does have some concern about the weakness in her aortic valve, even though the cath doctor said it looked alright. He will be opening up her aorta so that blood can flow freely as it should. The severe narrowing has weakened her valve some though, so he will be keeping a close eye on that during surgery. Please go ahead and start praying for the team that will be working on her during this surgery and for the nurses who will be helping her recover afterwards.
I have spoken with them about my concerns that she is proned to becoming dependent on a feeding tube and they have agreed that there will not be a feeding tube placed once she is awake and aware, but it is MY responsibility to make sure she eats and drinks what she needs or they will have no choice but to place a feeding tube. I will have about 48 hours after she's awake from surgery to get her to eat and drink!! Pray that this is not a problem!!
Also, pray for Kylee. She has been through so much in the past few years and she is very worried about her sister who she loves so much having another surgery. Pray God will comfort her and give her strength and peace!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!!

Here is an example of what aortic stenosis looks like

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