Friday, August 19, 2011

school started!

Kylee started Kindergarten last Monday and she is loving her class! She does very well at school! It gives her stability and somewhere she can be proud of her accomplishments, which she needs. She is still going to the same Christian school that she has gone to for the past few years, which she loves. It is good for her to hear every day that what she believes (The Bible) IS REAL and that all the Bible stories ARE TRUE! She is constantly asking "this story is true, right?" when we finish reading a Bible story. It is very important to her that we keep telling her that Yes the Bible is all true and Yes God is bigger than everything, and Yes God knows everything, and Yes God is always with you!

Kylee's first day of Kindergarten

Auriana was able to go to her first day of preschool last Tuesday! She LOVED it! She kept up with all the other kids and did very well while she was there! But, once she got home, she was overly tired and slept for hours and then complained that her chest and head hurt and her oxygen was really low. So I called her cardiologist and he said no more school until she's cleared to return after surgery (probably November or so when she'll get to go back, depending on how she heals. Although with that being flu season I may just keep her out until after the holiday breaks). She is sad she can't go back and says "me too" when I drop Kylee off, but it is what is best for her so she is strong for surgery.

Here is Auriana on her orientation day

Auriana's first day of preschool and Kylee's second day of Kindergarten

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