Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Blessed.... that I AM!!
Sitting here reflecting on my recent past and realizing how very blessed I truly am, even though it is hard for me to see at times through all the daily stresses and feelings of being just exhausted and overwhelmed.
I have been blessed to be called to be a mother! This is something I often take for granted, sadly. God has gifted me with 3 beautiful little girls... each with unique qualities.
Kylee--Such a bright girl-- I am starting to realize that often she is just misunderstood. She seems to see things differently. Kylee remembers things from years past as if they happened yesterday. She remembers everything she reads and she can see stories in her head... and TV shows... and songs... he can vividly recall every line. With the right tools she will be able to use this gift for good in the future.
Auriana--my little fighter--doctors told me the whole time she grew in my belly that she would surely not live and if she did she wouldn't live long and would never walk or talk. She has proved them wrong. She walks. She talks. And so much more. She also has memory like her big sister, that is often misunderstood. Auri remembers dances that she sees in songs from Signing Time and Barney. She replays these in her head and acts them out all the time. I only wish I could learn to channel this gift into teaching her other things. I truly believe she will continue to prove the world wrong. Even I do not know the extent of what she can learn and how she can succeed.
Lily--Such a sweet caring girl--a little ray of sunshine in the morning, she wakes everyone up (much to early at times) with "good morning. I love you." with a huge smile. This wake up call is often met with a much less energetic "Liilllyyy" from those she wakes. This and her truly caring spirit and her concern for those around her... these alone will get her far in life. I can not wait to see what the future holds for her.

I take for granted every day what great things my girls have brought to my life!

I pray for the future that I can see the blessings in front of my eyes and not focus on all the difficult things.

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  1. are praying for the right things katie...and Jesus you miss elaine